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Good Government Pledge

A well-functioning government must be transparent in how it conducts business and spends taxpayer money, readily available in responding to constituent needs, and accountable to its residents alone. It shouldn’t require a FOIL request or a deep dive through Newsday’s archives to discover how the Town Council voted on an issue. Town hall meetings shouldn’t be held at times that make it impossible for working residents to attend.
Unlike our competitors, the Islip Democrats are committed to providing good governance that is responsive to the needs of all Islip residents. We want to ensure that Islip residents can easily access information about our procedures, decisions and operations, and just as easily make their voices heard by the Town.
Your current administration fails by any reasonable standard of transparency or accountability.  
Our proposals for a better government and a healthier, more-participatory democracy include the following:
Of the twelve Town Hall meetings in a year, only three will be held during traditional working hours, while the other nine will be held in the evening. The press will be welcome at each meeting. Every meeting will be live-streamed via social media so residents who are unable to attend can still watch and participate from their homes, offices, or even while away. We will work with local libraries and community centers to host the live-stream for residents who do not have the ability to attend these meetings in person or to live-stream them from home. Every resident of the town of Islip deserves to see and hear what happens in these meetings and provide timely feedback. 
We will hold press conferences on a regularly scheduled basis with advanced notice to the media, giving local reporters meaningful access to our administration so they can keep the public informed.
We pledge to conserve resources and provide better government access by setting up a bilingual satellite Town Council office in the north part of the Town of Islip. This office will have regularly scheduled evening hours to make it easier for residents who are unable to attend during regular business hours to stay involved and engaged with our government.
We will rebuild the Town website in two crucial ways. First, we will create a system through which citizens can make submissions or file reports on issues such as potholes or felled trees. Second, our new website will provide easy access to public documents, a record of how the Town Council voted on every matter, and minutes from public meetings. The website will be easy to navigate and user friendly. 
Though these changes should have been enacted years ago, it’s never too late to better the ways our government works. We look forward to working not only with, but for you, in January.

Friends of Tom Murray
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